The Ultimate Sendoff: Sending a Cremated Body Into Space


We live our lives always wanting to be our best and do our best. After our death, people we love remember us for the good we gave to this world and to others. There are many ways to remember our loved ones, but one way that is rarely thought of for the person in your life is by sending their cremated body into space. Yes, space, the “star, sun, and moon” space.  It is possible to send your loved one into space.

Perhaps a loved one always wanted to be an astronaut but couldn’t get into NASA. Maybe your loved one was a huge Star Trek fan.  Or was your Cremains in Spacedeceased in love with the beautiful night sky, and the wonder of the secrets it holds?  These and many more are reasons to use this method of memorialization the ultimate send off.

There are different options available, and you don’t have to lose your loved one to the stars forever. The most reasonable option, for less than $1500, is a trip in a rocket and then back to earth again. For this rocket launch, you can send some DNA or a small amount of the cremated body into space. The modules and flight capsules are returned to earth after they have experienced zero-gravity. The next tier, a trip around in earth’s orbit, is a bit more. Your loved one’s cremated body will orbit the earth and then reenter the atmosphere, and harmlessly burn up upon reentering, like a shooting star.  It’s fitting tribute for someone who loved the stars.

There are other options of lasting space travel posthumously. The cremated body or DNA can be launched onto our nearest neighbor, the Moon, and a lasting memorial is created on its surface.  Each night, when you see the moon, it will remind you of your loved one.  The most exciting and expensive space travel for your deceased love one’s cremated body is a launch into deep space, designed to be a true exploration, going well beyond the Moon.  Every launch can be tracked by an app, so you can watch your loved one’s progress through the sky.

If in life, a dream to reach the stars may not have been fully accomplished, you have the option at death to explore the galaxies. This could be the ultimate tribute for an individual with a special love of the universe.