Why You Should Consider Pre-Planning and Pre-Paying for Your Funeral

When a loved one passes away, the family typically has about three to five days to make final arrangements for the funeral. During this time of great sadness and grief, the family is not in the right mindset to be making major decisions. This is made even harder if your family does not have a clear idea of your final wishes. 

The best way to help your family before passing away is to plan to make financial arrangements for your funeral and other end-of-life services. This will help to ease your family’s stress and the financial burden that comes with planning a funeral. Benefits of pre-planning and pre-paying for your funeral include:

Gives You Total Control Over Your Funeral

White Funeral FlowersWhen you pre-plan your funeral, you have the power to make the decisions for practically every aspect of your funeral. This allows you to add personality and individual touches to your ceremony, helping to make your family feel more comfortable with the celebration of your life. 

With a detailed funeral plan, your family will have a guide for carrying out your wishes the way you want them to be done. This will also provide you with peace of mind, knowing that you have created an end-of-life plan that is ready to be carried out when you pass away. 

Allows Your Family to Focus on Grieving and Healing

If your wishes are pre-planned, then your family can focus their efforts on grieving and healing from their loss, rather than taking on the stress of guessing your final wishes. This will give them extra time to share memories of you, share details about your final wishes, as well as to write your eulogy, and contact loved ones and friends. 

Lock in Today’s Costs for Future Arrangements

Pre-paying for your arrangements in full or through payments now makes the most sense financially. As the years pass, you can likely expect some funeral costs to rise. By pre-paying for your services and merchandise now, you can take advantage of today’s pricing, and as the years go on, your costs will not increase. 

Professional Pre-Planning Services

At Beinhauer Family Funeral Home, we can help you with all of your pre-planning needs so you can give your family the love and respect they deserve. Our professional and compassionate staff can help you with putting together your funeral plans. Contact us to take care of your pre-planning today!