Why Has Cremation Become Such a Popular Choice?

Is Cremation the Popular Choice?

Cremation has recently increased in popularity. In fact, in some parts of the country, cremation is preferred by a majority.

Cremation Services Offer Peace of Mind 
Why do so many people choose cremation now?  There are several notable reasons:

  • Cremation can be preplanned. Few funeral homes are able to provide cremation services at their facility. Though many offer the same pre-planning options as they do with traditional burials, these firms use a third party contractor to complete the cremation. At Beinhauer’s, we offer pre-paid cremations and use our own on-site cremation facility.
  • You can customize cremation. A cremation can be customized to meet your wishes. Cremation services can incorporate religious or secular funeral or memorial ceremonies. Services can also include a viewing, followed by cremation, and additionally, a burial of the cremated body at a family plot or inurned in a niche in a mausoleum.
  • It is now more commonly utilized. In some areas of the country, nearly half of all funeral preparation involves cremation. As more people discuss it, others have the opportunity to become knowledgeable about cremation, and many choose it for themselves after hearing about the advantages. In past decades, some religious communities and faiths discouraged cremation, however, more recently, many religious organizations have amended their standards regarding cremation.
  • It’s a “green” practice. Cremation uses little resources and land, and is environmentally responsible. With so many people looking to reduce their carbon footprint during their life, some are now interested in extending that even after their death.

If you have questions about cremation or are considering cremation, please call Beinhauer Family Funeral Homes and Cremation Services today. We are licensed professionals and have decades of experience in cremation and pre-planned funeral services.