When Your Beloved Pet Dies

Have You Lost a Beloved Family Pet?

Perhaps your pet has become sick, or is starting to grow older. You may be thinking about end-of-life choices for your dog, cat, or other pet. Many pet owners turn to pet cemeteries and the accompanying funeral home staff for help when they prepare for when their pet eventually walks across the Rainbow Bridge.

Plan Ahead Services
You can plan your pet’s services ahead of time so that you can:

Pet Cremation

  • Plan details for your pet’s burial or cremation. This can include a short visitation and a gravesite committal service.
  • Decide on a cemetery location, such as Peaceful Pastures
  • Choose a pet memorial, marker, or stone
  • Prepare a pet tribute or obituary

You can also pre-pay for your pet’s services so that you can fully concentrate on saying goodbye to your pet when the time comes.

Home Removals
When your pet passes away, it can be traumatic. Peaceful Pastures understands that, and we want to help you by providing compassionate care. We can come to your house and bring your pet to our funeral home to prepare them for burial or cremation. We can also pick up your pet from your vet’s office, if need be.

When we perform a home removal, we will transport your pet from your house after you have taken time to say goodbye for a final time. We will then bring your pet to our funeral home and prepare them for either a burial or a cremation. If you have pre-planned your pet’s service, we will follow your instructions so that you can grieve without worrying about decisions at this time. If you haven’t pre-planned, we can sit down with you and talk you through your choices.

Peaceful Pastures Pet Cemetery, Crematory and Funeral Home is a Beinhauer Company located in the south of Pittsburgh in a bucolic setting, with acres of green grass, that makes your pet’s final resting place a peaceful location to visit. Call us today to pre-plan your pet’s services or for home removal.