What You Need to Know About Death Certificates in Pittsburgh

After a loved one dies, there are a million things to do. One of these essential tasks that must be included on the list is completion of the death certificate.  This legal document is issued by the state in which a death has occurred.  Certified death certificates are often needed by family members when probating the estate, closing accounts and liquidating property of the deceased.  Preplanning a funeral through Beinhauer will help make this process easier for your family.  At the time of death, we will help by completing the death certificate and submitting it to the appropriate state agents.  The following is a brief overview of the death certificate process.Death Certificates

A death certificate requires information obtained by completing questions, such as the cause of death and information about the deceased’s parents and next of kin.  One of our funeral directors will help to fill out the necessary paperwork and file the death certificate with the local registrar. In Pennsylvania, the death certificate must be filed within 96 hours of the death and be signed by the deceased’s physician or medical examiner.

Only an immediate family member, an extended family member who indicates a direct relationship to the decedent, a legal representative of the decedent’s estate, or a funeral director can request copies of a death certificate.  A death certificate is not considered part of the public record, therefore, the burden of proof of relationship is placed on the inquiring party.  Due to the delay in processing certified death certificate copy requests, it is wise to retain a few reserve copies should unforeseen future necessities arise.  When ordering from the funeral director immediately after the time of death, the cost is $6 per certificate.  Afterward, copies are available via online or in person request at a cost of $9 each.  These fees are waived for members of the Armed Forces and in some cases, their spouses.

Working with Beinhauer’s to pre-plan funeral arrangements will help to eliminate potentially stressful situations during the trying time of a loved one’s death.  Call 724-941-3211 today if you have questions regarding pre-planning for yourself or a loved one.