Cremation is a popular choice over a burial in a funeral ceremony in today’s modern society. 70% of people choose cremation today and cost is a primary factor. While a cremation may be more reasonably priced, the urn you choose as your final resting place can vary wildly in price, according to material and style. The amount of money spent on the cremation urn is completely up to the consumer.


Consider the style of the urn, where the urn will be placed and kept, once the cremation is finished, if the material of the urn is man-made or natural: the answers to these questions will help to decide the style that you will in your urn.


Following are some popular choices in urns, different ideas that are lovely and effective, each of them in their own way.Cremation Urn


  • Metal Urns are made of copper, pewter, steel, bronze, and brass. These durable urns can be taken home to be displayed or buried at the site.
  • Cultured Urns are made of man-made products bur made to look like wood, bronze, granite, or marble. These urns can be easily molded into different shapes since they are mad of synthetic materials.
  • Quarried Urns are a beautiful natural choice to take home or left at the burial site. These are made from natural stones, including marble, quartz, granite, onyx, slate, alabaster, and fossil stone. None of these urns are alike and come from all corners of the world, thus, are a pricier option.
  • Cast Bronze Urns are a unique way to create a memorial piece, one of a kind, through casting via an artist who is sculpturing the urn. This material is quite durable and another good option to display at home or at the grave site.
  • Wood Urns can be made from almost any type of wood, again, a unique piece to be used to display at home or in a cemetery columbarium.
  • Glass or Ceramic Urns are created through glazing, coloring, firing, and glass blowing, numerous artistic processes that lead to a very delicate and unique piece of art. This urn would be displayed at home or in a cemetery columbarium.
  • Earth Friendly and Environmental Urn breaks down overtime and biodegrade into the earth.


There are so many choices that finding an urn that fits your budget and style, the unique personality of you for your pre-planned funeral, or for your loved one; this should not be a difficult task, but since there are so many choices, let the professionals at Beinhauer help with you to work this detail out. The cost of the urn will ultimately depend on the style and materials used. The more complex the design, the more expensive the urn will be.