What is a Cremation Container?

Between cremation containers, cremation urns, and caskets, there are several types of receptacles that may be used during the cremation process. With so many options, many times, the differences between them can be confusing.  At Beinhauer Funeral home, we understand how personal and important this choice is, so we have put together a guide to help you through the decision-making process.

Each Device and their Purpose

Each device or container has a specific purpose and is used at a specific point during the cremation process. By understanding the different purpose each device serves, you will be able to make a more informed decision during your end-of-life planning. Some people will only use one device, while others will use all three. There are a variety of factors that determine this, such as:

  • Whether or not the family will be present to witness the cremation
  • If the family plans to keep the cremated body in an urn
  • Whether or not there will be a service or viewing before cremation

Each situation is different and will be determined by these and a number of other factors, so when putting together your end of life plans, it is essential to consider these points in order to best determine your needs.


Caskets are typically used if there is a viewing or a funeral service before cremation. At Beinhauer, we have ceremonial caskets available for rent for those who are going to be cremated. A cremation container and liner is inserted in the ceremonial casket and used for the deceased’s cremation. Our high-end ceremonial caskets are made of solid hardwood, like cherry, walnut, and oak, and have an interior made of crepe or velvet, with embossed handles and a pillow.

Cremation Containers

At Beinhauer Funeral Home, we use a rigid cremation container with a cover that will serve as the receptacle in which the body will be cremated.  This container is made of heavy, reinforced cardboard and is compliant with the law. If the rented ceremonial casket option was used, the cremation container and liner will be used for the cremation.

Urnsurn, cremation

The cremation container will be consumed during the cremation process, making it necessary to have a container to hold the cremated body of your loved one after the process is complete. A common choice for this purpose is an urn. When choosing an urn that best suits the needs of you and your family, there are many factors to consider such as material, size, and color of the urn. Our urns come in a variety of sizes, materials, and designs to best suit your needs.  Urns can be made from a range of materials such as ceramic, wood, plastic, and metal. The material you choose will depend on whether the urn is being kept in the home, being buried in the ground, or placed in a niche at the cemetery.

Urns can be styled to be decorative and elaborate or clean and simple.  They can also be designed with your loved one’s interests, personality, or vocation in mind. You can also use one urn or opt for several keepsake urns for each family member. Companion urns are also available to hold the cremated bodies of two people. These are usually fitted with a partition inside that keeps the remains separated.  Most urns can also be personalized with engraving.  

At Beinhauer Funeral Home, our cremation services are performed on-site at our Dormont facility by licensed and trained funeral directors. To learn more about our cremation options or about how we can help you with pre-planning your funeral or arranging services for your loved, call us today at 724-941-3211.