What Is a Ceremonial Casket and How Is It Used in a Cremation Service?

Curious about a Ceremonial Casket?

When people choose cremation as an end-of-life option as opposed to a traditional burial, they often still choose to have a visitation, service, or funeral prior to the cremation. However, that means that they don’t require the use of a purchased casket that will be used in a burial. Most funeral homes offer what is called a ceremonial casket for these families.

Benefits of a Ceremonial Casket
Families like having the option of a ceremonial casket because:

  • It is rented to families who wish to have a visitation and or service prior to cremation.
  • It has a replaceable interior liner that is removed after every visitation.
  • It may also contain a cremation container.

How a Ceremonial Casket Is Used
These caskets are use by those who wish to have their loved one laid out just as you would during a traditional funeral that is followed by a burial. It can be used repeatedly because it contains a replaceable liner that is inserted and used for the deceased. The liner, as well as a cardboard cremation container, will then be used in a cremation.

Kinds of Caskets

  • Traditional Caskets: These caskets are used in a traditional visitation, service, and ground burial. They can be made of hardward or other types of materials. You can choose both the material and the color.
  • Ceremonial Caskets: These are used only for those who are going to be cremated, and they are rented instead of purchased. They are beautiful, high-end caskets that are made of solid hardwood and have an interior made of velvet or crepe, with a pillow and embossed handles. You can choose a wood like cherry, walnut, oak, ash, mahogany, poplar, or maple.

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