Veterans Benefits You May Not Know About

While veterans know about the many education and healthcare benefits available to them through the Department of Veterans Affairs: Tricare and the GI Bill, there are numerous other benefits available to veterans and their families. Many of these unknown benefits can help ease the financial burden of medical care and funeral expenses.

Long-term CareVeterans Benefits You May Not Know About

An aging relative may require long-term care to improve their quality of life. While long-term care is expensive, veterans can receive money to cover the cost of assisted living programs, nursing homes, in-home care, etc., through the Aid and Attendance program. Couples are eligible to receive up to $25,020 a year, which will cover a significant portion of the costs for long-term care. The surviving spouses of veterans can receive up to $13,560 to cover the costs for their own long-term care.

Caregiver Support

If families decide to care for an ailing veteran family member at home, they can receive assistance through the Department of Veterans Affairs’ caregiver support programs. This program does not provide financial support, but it offers caregivers a caregiver support coordinator and a free support line to assist caregivers in dealing with the stress of caregiving and handling the military benefits.

Life Insurance

Traditional life insurance can be difficult for many veterans to obtains, especially if they suffered an injury during their time in the serving.  The Servicemembers’ and Veterans’ Group Life Insurance program provides veterans with up to $400,000 in life insurance along with competitive premium rates.

Death Benefits

In the event of a veteran’s death, families are offered a few unique benefits. They can request a U.S. flag to drape over the casket. They can also request a Presidential Memorial Certificate in honor of the deceased loved one’s service. Families can also obtain a free headstone or grave marker for the deceased veterans through the Department of Veterans Affairs.  It is also meaningful to arrange for military honors to be conducted at either the funeral home, place of worship or the cemetery.

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