There are many options when paying for a funeral service.  Some families plan to use life insurance as a means to pay the costs of your funeral. At Beinhauer’s, we offer many options by which you can pay for a funeral at the time of death, as well an irrevocable trust for those who would like to pay in advance.  A life insurance policy, may, in some circumstances, be used at the time of a loved one’s death to pay for a funeral.


Life InsuranceA life insurance policy may start at $10,000 and mature to a greater value over time, yet there is no guarantee that there will be enough value at the time of death to cover all funeral costs.  If there are excess funds, the estate of the deceased will receive a check for the remaining balance of the insurance.


Remember that with life insurance, the owner may have taken out loans on the policy, thus leaving less than the face value to pay for the funeral.  It is also possible a policy owner stopped paying on the premiums, or the policy lapsed. Whatever the case, it is important to discuss any insurance policies with your loved ones to ensure that a life insurance policy’s value is enough to cover the type of funeral or cremation service that you desire.


A life insurance plan comes with premiums that must be paid, in some cases, for the remainder of your life. These premiums may not be cost effective for your budget. It may be better for you and your family to cash out the policy and pre-pay directly at the funeral home.  Beinhauer’s can tell you exactly how much you will need to fund the type of services you want.  Additionally, pre-paid funerals at Beinhauer’s come with the peace of mind of a price guarantee.  Contact us today at 724-941-3211 to speak with one of our pre-need specialists.  We can help you and your family decide what type of funding and plan is right for you.