Traveling with the Cremated Body of a Human or Pet

Traveling with Cremated Remains

You may find that you will need to travel with cremains to deliver them to another location to be buried or placed in a columbarium. Families often ask us how that can accomplished. The following three methods are most frequently used to transport the cremated body of a loved one or pet.

By Car

When you travel with a cremated body, you should buy an urn that is unbreakable. Glass, ceramic, or another delicate material are not best suited for transportation. You should pack the urn in a box that is protected with padding, and then box it again in another container. Should the packaging be jostled, you’ll know that it is safe if wrapped properly.

Traveling With Cremated Remains

By Airplane

With the screening procedures that where put in place following 9/11, you should know what to expect if you want to fly with an urn. The TSA has a helpful guide for people who are traveling with a cremated loved one. You are allowed to carry the urn in either your checked baggage or as a carry-on. However, some airlines do not allow the urn to be placed in checked baggage, so it is recommended that you call them first.

When you reach the airport, the cremated body will need to be screened. When you approach a TSA agent at the screening area, tell them that you are traveling with a cremated loved one. They will go through the X-ray machine and the TSA agents may have to use other non-intrusive methods to ensure that it passes through the proper inspections and is declared safe. TSA agents will never open the urn, even if you ask them to, therefore, you should not use a lead-lined urn, as it cannot be properly x-rayed. Also, you should not travel by air with a delicate, breakable urn.

Keep in mind, you will need a death or cremation certificate to present to airline officials in order to bring cremains on an airplane. Again, you should contact the airline, tell them you plan to bring an urn on board, and ask them what their current regulations state.

By Shipment

You can ship a cremated loved one using the United States Post Office service. You must ship by USPS using special packaging, including an inner and outer container. USPS recommends putting the inner container in a sealed plastic bag, using padding, and clearly marking the contents. Your local Post Office will give you a label that identifies the packaging as containing a cremated body. UPS and FedEx do not ship cremated loved ones.

Always be sure to place cremains in a strong, unbreakable container when traveling to keep the contents safe. If you’d like to view urn options, call Beinhauer Family Funeral Homes. We can help you choose an appropriate urn for traveling.