Top Five Funeral Planning Mistakes

It seems as if almost every major event in our lives that celebrates an achievement is planned to a T. From weddings and bridal showers to graduation, retirement and/or birthday parties, we like to preciously plan those gatherings and engagements that are meant to honor an individual to ensure that the hiccups are kept to a minimum.

The one thing many people don’t organize in advance, however, is their own funeral. Sure, getting things in order now for a day that, hopefully, won’t occur until years down the road can be a morbid thought.

However, because your family will be faced with so many decisions that must be made on such short notice in the one or two days following your death, it’s important to pre-plan your funeral as much as possible to take the burden off of your loved ones’ shoulders.

Just like anything else, there are certain mistakes that you’ll want to try to avoid to streamline the process and make it as easy as possible for your family.

Mistake 1: Not Shopping Around

If you’re in the market for a new or used vehicle, you’re not going to just visit one dealership. Rather, you’ll do your homework, research the Blue Book details and shop around to ensure that you get the vehicle which is right for you.

And the same rule applies to funeral providers.  While weighing your options, don’t just settle on one funeral home, cemetery or crematory without comparing features, because not every service in your area can offer the same level of service.

Mistake 2: Not Having a Budget

Similar to any major financial purchase you’ve made in your life, you need to have a budget prior to planning your funeral so you don’t overspend on things that aren’t necessary.

It’s better to crunch the numbers now and set aside funds in a separate account for your family to use on funeral expenses following your death. Doing this ensures that they know how to access the necessary funds at the time of death.  Setting up a funeral trust with Beinhauer’s also ensures that those monies cannot be taken away from you and your family in the event of a spend down, if you need to enter a care facility at the end of life.

Mistake 3: Not Asking Questions

Most are unfamiliar with the funeral planning process, simply because it’s something that they don’t do on a frequent basis.

Don’t be afraid to take your time and ask questions during every step of the process – from writing the obituary and figuring out which newspapers to run it in to determining how many days the viewing period should last. It’s always better to know too much than not enough.  The experienced funeral planning specialists at Beinhauer’s can answer all of your questions.

Mistake 4: Not Outlining the Final Wishes

You might assume that, when you die, your family will know exactly what your final wishes will be – from the exact casket and cemetery plot you want to the individuals who will serve as casket bearers and eulogists.

But if they aren’t properly written down and filed with a funeral professional, how will your loved ones remember? It’s best to outline your final wishes well in advance so your next of kin won’t have to play the guessing game.

Mistake 5: Not Saving Important Paperwork

It’s always a hassle when you’re trying to search for important documents in a limited timeframe. And the worst part is realizing that, what you’re looking for, has been thrown away.

Don’t misplace the legal paperwork that your family or the executor of your estate will need later down the line. This can include a will and testament, bank statements and/or information related to any existing life insurance policies.

For more funeral planning tips, or to learn about Beinhauer’s family-orientated approach toward funeral and cremation services, call us at 724-941-3211.