The Advantages of a Glass Front Niche

Glass Front Niche

If a loved one has chosen to be cremated, you may be wondering how to display the cremation urn within a niche. When designing a columbarium niche, keep these tips in mind:

Know the Rules of the Columbarium

Some cemeteries will only allow one urn in a single niche, or two urns in a double niche. Others may require that the urn material be approved. Pay particular attention to the rules regarding floral memorials or ornamentation—for example, some cemeteries do not allow artificial flowers or certain types of decorative materials.

Consider Location

If you or friends and family plan on visiting your loved one often, then you should choose a location that is convenient to where you live. That way, you’ll be able to see the niche and urn often. If you don’t plan to visit often, then you will likely have more choices of columbaria.

Know the Size of the Niche

Different cemetery sites have different columbarium requirements. Some are very large, and some quite small. The niches could fit several urns—big enough for a family, for instance—while others fit one small urn. Before considering the kind of urn you would like, you should first know the exact measurements of the niche.

Choose the urn material

If the deceased had a pre-plan, they may have already picked out the urn in which they would like their remains placed. If not, then you may have to pick one out. First, think of what the deceased would like—marble, stone, granite, wood, and metal are all beautiful choices. Now, decide on engraving, design, and customized choices.

Add Custom Choices

If you are allowed to customize your niche, you can add journals, pictures, ornaments, books, or favorite items that remind you of the deceased and that you may be able to view when you visit the columbarium.

Consider your columbarium choices carefully when you are thinking of designing a cremation urn and niche. Beinhauers’ Woodruff Park Memorial Park Cemetery has a large selection of glass front niches housed in their beautiful mausoleum. Call us today if you are considering cremation and columbarium placement.