Selecting Music for a Funeral

Music is a way to connect people, spark a memory, and set a mood. It’s not just for festivals or parties but can be used to set the right tone and environment at a funeral. At Beinhauer Family Funeral Homes, we know that the right music can help those who are grieving by offering comfort. Keep in mind that some songs are not appropriate for a solemn occasion, so it is important to choose songs carefully. Here are a few things to consider while selecting music for a funeral:

Choose a Song with a Personal Meaning

You can add a personal touch to the song by choosing a deceased individual’s favorite genre, album or band. Look through their music collection and make a list of songs they enjoyed. Be sure to scrutinize the lyrics and consider the rhythm before choosing. You may want to avoid choosing a song that is excessively loud or jovial.

Pay Close Attention to the Lyrics

Some lyrics can soothe the pain of grief and offer comfort while other songs, such as a party anthem, can cause offense when played at a funeral service. Some songs may sound serious enough to be played at a funeral, but the lyrics may not be appropriate. Be sure to read through the words discerningly before playing at the funeral.

Consider an Instrumental Songselecting music for a funeral

If you are looking for a safe bet, an instrumental song is your best choice. With no lyrics to offend and a large variety from which to choose, instrumentals work well for a funeral service. Many classical instrumental pieces are meaningful and will set an elegant mood while making an impact on the guests. Some of these classical pieces are written specifically funerals, so you don’t have to go too far to find options.

The right music will help to create a calming atmosphere during the funeral service. This serene mood will help with the healing process. If you are struggling to find the right music for a funeral service, consult with the professionals at Beinhauer Family Funeral Homes for recommendations.

At Beinhauer Funeral Home, we can assist you with selecting music for a funeral service and with other matters related to planning a funeral. Call us today at 724-941-3211 to learn more about our funeral services.