Recommended Readings for Funeral Services

Readings are an essential way to personalize a funeral service. Some people may choose to select these readings themselves ahead of time, while other people let their family or friends choose for them. Selecting the readings for your funeral services while pre-planning is a great way to place a personal touch on the funeral, but fortunately, there are many traditional options to choose from for those who have not yet made their decision.

Consider a Psalms/Hymns

A Psalm or Hymn is a great way to honor your loved one. The beauty of these options is that they can be tailored to speak about specific qualities or important aspects of your deceased loved one’s life. With their joyful messages, readings and songs like this are a great way to help lighten the mood and uplift the spirits of the attendees.

Choosing Between the Old Testament or the New Testament Readings

Some prefer Old Testament readings to New Testament readings, and vice versa, but both types of readings offer a variety of inspirational and thoughtful verses that can even be mixed together to suit your unique tastes.readings for funeral services

Other Traditional Verses

Many funeral services are based around religious traditions, but at Beinhauer we will embrace your beliefs even if they are different from the traditional. We will be happy to include verses or reading that mean something to you, no matter what your religious views are.

Reading Selections that Differ from Tradition

Readings like songs, poems, literature or quotations that you love will help to engage attendees and pay respects to your loved ones while helping them to remember joyful times. Choosing this personal approach to funeral readings has gained popularity and can be added to traditional and religious selections.

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