Peaceful Pastures Pet Cemetery Article Featured In Community Magazine

“Peaceful Pastures Pet Cemetery, Crematory and Funeral Home – We treat your pets like family.

Losing a family pet can be as traumatic an experience as losing any human loved one – sometimes more so for children. As a Beinhauer Company, we understand the impact of that loss, and have been offering compassionate care for pet funerals, burials and cremations to our clients for more than 15 years.
Peaceful Pastures Pet Cemetery, located next to Woodruff Memorial Park, allows pets to be next to their human families in two adjacent cemeteries. While you may have known that Beinhauer provides pet burial and cremation services, you may not have known about Beinhauer’s commitment to our animal friends. Peaceful Pastures provides free burial for all service animals, including seeing eye dogs, canine police officers, along with police horse patrol.
Many of the same arrangements available to humans are available for pets, including pickup service for the deceased, funeral planning and viewing services complete with casket, memorial markers, and online memorial pages and guest books for friends and relatives.
Pet cremation has become an accepted option for families, giving them the many choices when it comes to their beloved pet. Your cremated pet can be buried in a plot, or placed in a columbarium or scattered at Peaceful Pastures. Depending on the wishes of the family, pet cremations can be individual, or private, as well as communal. For those families and their children, who want to see their pet one last time, they can schedule a private visitation at our pet funeral home.
Just like human funeral arrangements, pet arrangements can be made in advance. This is especially important when a pet family knows that their pet has a terminal illness. Having a funeral plan will eliminate a lot of the stress when a pet dies.
Beinhauer’s can ensure that your pet never leaves their care. Our cremation and burial facilities are on site, which makes us different than any other provider. As a measure of your peace of mind, all cremations maintain a separate, identifiable tracking number, including a permanent identification disk. Accommodations can be made for pets as small as hamsters and guinea pigs to those as large as horses.
Peaceful Pastures extensive urn selection is available to help you choose the perfect urn for your pet. This urn may be buried, placed in our columbarium, or taken home. The advantage of a selection within the cemetery is the opportunity to provide a permanent granite or bronze memorial acknowledging your pet‘s life.
For those desiring a traditional burial service, Peaceful Pastures provides a selection of caskets. As with the cremation services, you may opt to have a funeral and visitation service for your pet, facilitated by one of our professional staff or a clergy person. Peaceful Pastures also offers a clay paw or nose print and lock of hair and keepsake jewelry to remember your pet by.
Peaceful Pastures provides the only free pet obituary website to share stories of your pet’s life with your friends, and where they can upload their favorite photos and offer their condolences.
For more information, call 724-969-0200, or visit us at”