National Pet Memorial Day

With National Pet Memorial Day approaching on September 9th, you may be looking for ways to honor your beloved pet. At Peaceful Pastures Pet Cemetery, we know that the death of a pet is a devastating experience that all pet owners have or will have to endure. Below, we have put together some suggestions for how you can pay tribute to your beloved pet.

Make space for a memorial in your home or garden

If you have room inside or outside of your home, you can create an area to honor your pet. You can place a chair or bench in your garden with a memorial plaque or decorate a space in your home with a photo or other memento.  Choose a place where you can relax and reminisce about the happiness your pet brought to your daily memorial

If you don’t have space to dedicate an entire area for a memorial, planting flowers, trees or shrubs in memory of your pet is a great way to honor them and give you something to smile about each time you see them. Be sure to check to make sure your plants are safe for pets to avoid planting anything that could be toxic to animals.

Volunteer at a local animal shelter or rescue group

You may not be ready to welcome a new pet into your home, but by volunteering, you can donate your time and attention to animals in need.  Your local shelter may have opportunities to walk dogs, socialize cats, help with grooming or with fundraising efforts for the shelter or rescue. Volunteering your time to other pets is a great way to honor the memory of your animal friend.

Donate goods or money to an animal shelter or rescue group in your pet’s name

If you have a busy schedule and are unable to volunteer, you can help by donating goods or money to local shelters or rescue groups.  Many shelters or rescue groups need essentials like paper towels and dawn dish detergent.  Be sure to check with your local rescue or pet shelter to see what items they need the most.

Create a post in their memory on social media

Although experiencing the death of a pet is a very personal life event, some people find comfort in sharing their story on a social media platform such a Facebook. By sharing your story with others, you may be able to find solace in the stories others share with you about their pets’ deaths. You may also find comfort in the support of the pet lovers community, serving as a shoulder for you to lean on.

Put together a memory book

Many pet owners have a bunch of photos of their pets on their phones. You can honor your pet by compiling these cherished photos into a unique memory book. With so many different websites and apps available for creating a memory book or photo album, you can easily and seamlessly design a book of photos to cherish the memory of your pet.

Peaceful Pastures Pet Cemetery is honored to assist families in celebrating the memory of their pet through the various funeral and memorial services we offer. To learn more about how we can help you honor your pet with burial or cremation services, call us at 724-745-8502.