How to Write an Obituary

Need help Writing an Obituary?

An obituary is a story of someone’s life. While it’s filled with facts, it also details a life lived and the accomplishments of the deceased. If you’ve been asked to write an obituary, you should include certain pieces of information to give a complete celebration of life.

Obituary Writing

First, consult with Beinhauer Family Funeral Home, as we have the expertise and the forms that can give you a base for information usually included in an obituary. Find out if the deceased has already written an obituary, or has already expressed wishes for parts of the obituary to be completed in a certain way. An example of some of the pertinent information that will be needed: Full name and, if applicable, maiden name (and remember that many people go by nicknames), birth date, and birth location. If you aren’t sure, the funeral director will assist you. Also talk to close family members, such as siblings and children.

Family History
Many times, an obituary may be the only record of the deceased’s family. It should list the parents, siblings, spouse, children, and extended family members, both living and deceased. You may want to include the location of where the family lived, if it’s of particular importance to those reading the obituary, such as a particular area where most of the family is from, or if the deceased emigrated from another country.

Education and Occupation
Begin by mentioning high school, college, or trade school attendance. Then, write about their occupation and where the deceased worked. If they worked as a housewife or stay-at-home mother, that should be detailed as an important contribution to the family. Military service should also be described, including rank, years served, and wartime service.

Thank You
Some obituaries that are written by families include a thank you to special friends or medical staff that treated the deceased during an extended illness.

Hobbies and Remembrances
For which reasons should this person be remembered? Think about what they were known for during their life: an unfailing work ethic, a family man, a wonderful baker, a special teacher, a member of the church choir. If they loved to hunt, or enjoyed watching plays, or always attended high school basketball games, that should be featured in the obituary.

Funeral Arrangements
The funeral home will schedule the days, times, location, and other details of formal ceremonies. Be sure to mention these special celebrations. If you wish to request memorial donations or charity donations in lieu of flowers, it should be mentioned as well.

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