How to Handle A Death Away From Home

Dealing with a loved one’s untimely death can be a challenging experience. What happens when the death occurs in a faraway place, with or without you? How can this be handled while dealing with the questions that come with this uncertain time? Beinhauer Family Funeral Homes will help you each step of the way.  Here are a few important things to know about a death which occurs away from home:

If your loved one dies outside the care of a medical facility, call 911.  A sudden death must be investigated by local authorities and the medical examiner. Your cooperation is essential in this investigation for your loved one to be released to you and your family to be permitted to return home. Stay in touch with the local coroner or medical examiner’s office so that they can let you know when your loved one’s remains have been released to be received by the funeral home.Returning to Home

If your loved one dies without a family member nearby, you need not travel to collect the remains, unless you prefer to do so.  Contact Beinhauer’s first, so that we can contact a local funeral home that is within our network of Selected Independent Funeral Home providers.  We will work on your behalf to ensure that your loved one arrives safely home with all the proper documentation and necessary certified paperwork.

If the death occurs outside the United States, Beinhauer Family Funeral Homes will contact the proper U.S. Embassy immediately to expedite the process of ensuring that your loved one is received back into our care as soon as possible.  We will arrange for your deceased loved one’s transportation, obtain necessary permits and complete all required paperwork of the foreign government.

No matter where the death away from home occurs, contact Beinhauer’s first for help. One of our highly trained funeral directors and support staff will work on your behalf to ensure your loved one is safely returned to our care.