How Pre-paid Services Ease the Financial Burden of a Funeral

Pre-paying for Your Funeral Services

Pre-paying for a funeral can be burdensome for a spouse, child, or other family member.
Traditional funerals, which include services like the preparation of the body, having a funeral service, and then a burial in a cemetery or internment in a mausoleum (or, in some cases, a cremation), costs about $7,000—or possibly more, depending on if you also choose a headstone.

That’s a very high cost for what may be an unexpected and very upsetting event, and it’s why so many people decide to begin pre-paying on their own funeral. Some even start paying decades before they think they need it, so that they know they can afford it.

Why Pre-Pay for Your Funeral?
People often start to think about pre-paying before they retire, when they’re more likely to have the money that can be used for prepayment—and it’s one less thing to worry about when they are in retirement. The advantages of pre-paying for a funeral include:

  • Easing the financial burden through pre-payment options that are made over time. Some people put down a large sum and then continue to make smaller payments over a set amount of months or years. This is similar to how people afford a car payment, and it allows someone to choose items—like caskets and headstones—ahead of time.
  • Easing the financial burden through a trust pre-payment option. If you have a funeral trust contract, you can make arrangements for the future when you fund the contract. You can use a trust to choose every part of your funeral ahead of time, knowing that it will all be taken care of by the funeral home when needed.
  • Easing the financial burden through an insurance policy. Some people buy life insurance policies that are meant specifically for funeral expenses when they die. The policy can be assigned using the funeral home as the beneficiary, and the visitation, cremation, or burial can be pre-planned.

The benefits of a prepaid funeral aren’t only financial. Prepaying means that you can also decide on your arrangements the way that would wish them to be. Many people now plan their burial or cremation, including the visitation, services, memorial or wake, and they also decide on prayers and readings—some even write their own obituary and give it to the funeral home director to keep on file for when it’s needed.

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