How Do You Write a Eulogy?

Do You Have to Write a Eulogy

You’ve been asked to write and deliver a eulogy for a friend or family member, and while you are honored to do so, you may never have prepared one before. You’d like to capture your relative’s or friend’s best traits, but aren’t sure how to begin—or end. Beinhauer Family Funeral Homes would like to offer you a few tips about how to craft a heartfelt eulogy that will honor the deceased’s memory.

Writing an Eulogy

Memories, Love, and Special Times

If you’re staring at a blank page and wondering what to put down on paper, we can help.

First, write down words that remind you of the deceased. It can be as simple as “grandma,” or “friend.” Think about their personality and how other people felt about them. Write at least 30 words, and then start to break the eulogy sections into categories:

  • Write An Intro. Be sure that you introduce yourself—while family and friends may know who you are, other guests may not. Let everyone know how you knew the deceased and for how long.
  • Tell a Story. Everyone appreciates a good story. Think of a time when your friend or relative did something particularly funny (maybe you went to school together and had an adventure that makes you smile) or generous (perhaps the deceased put together a food drive for the holidays). The story should give everyone an idea of what the person was like and why you were proud to know them.
  • Talk about Friends and Family. Most people enjoy spending time with their loved ones. Tell your audience what the deceased looked forward to—such as preparing Christmas dinner, shopping for their grandkids, or things that they did for their friends.
  • Include Their Job and Hobbies. If the deceased enjoyed their work, talk about it! Let everyone know how dedicated they were when they were on the job. They likely had a hobby or two—mention it. If they loved to fish, or spent Sunday afternoons crocheting, or baked every week, it’s worth mentioning. This way, people who didn’t know them well can learn more about them, while those who were close to them will smile or laugh in remembrance.
  • Write a Closing. The closing should sum up the best qualities of the deceased. Go back to the list of words you wrote at the beginning and be sure to include some of them in the closing.

Writing a eulogy can be challenging, but with the right guidance, you’ll be able to craft the perfect speech that everyone will enjoy. Beinhauer Family Funeral Homes is always available to assist you in creating a meaningful eulogy for your loved one.