Honoring Our Veterans

Each veteran’s day the men, women, and children of our great nation take the time to stop and acknowledge the selfless gift that has been given by each of those who have served.  No matter whether a person is enlisted during peace time or war time, I doubt that many would argue the fact that military service is a highly respected and honorable duty.

As a member of the “younger” generation, my personal experience with war and other military conflicts is somewhat limited.  I was a child during the Persian Gulf War, and only in high school when the terrible 9/11 terror attacks rocked our nation.  As I grow older, I begin to further appreciate how great the sacrifice of some veterans can be, as I imagine most do.

Sadly, I had a friend who was killed while serving in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom.  Others may never know how much he gave, but I will never forget.  I can honestly say that I never felt such significance during the military honors that are provided to veterans at their funeral until I listened to the bugle play Taps at his.  To this day, I doubt it will ever feel the same.

The idea that a person, whose name you may never know, who you may never meet, is out there fighting for the freedom that you enjoy, well, that is enough to make even the most rigid of us choke up a bit.  Thank you again, to all veterans, for we could never be the land of the free without your bravery.

In recognition of two of our local vet groups, Scott Beinhauer presented both the Disabled American Veterans and Vietnam Veterans, Inc. with a donation to help support these wonderful organizations and show our appreciate for the work that they do.

Written by: Kelly Keddie, Licensed Funeral Director & Family Services Manager at Beinhauer Family Funeral Homes