Hire a funeral photographer to document your loved one’s service

Whenever you think of the special occasions where it’s expected that a photographer will be present to capture photos, a wedding, graduation or anniversary party is likely to come to mind.

People like to have photographic evidence of life’s biggest moments, and having someone with an eye for detail controlling a camera’s shutter means that the event can be properly documented for posterity purposes.

However, professional photography isn’t just reserved for the type of events that celebrate an individual’s achievements while alive. A recent trend, which more and more families are selecting, is to have someone photograph a funeral service.  Often, family members who have not seen one another in years are finally reunited while attending funeral services

Why a Funeral Photographer?

At first, you may think that anyone armed with a smartphone could, in theory, snap their own pictures.

Unless you know how to use lighting and aperture to your benefit, though, it’s difficult to take photos that fully convey the emotions of the event. That’s why it can be beneficial to utilize a professional who can document the experience on your behalf.professional photographer, funeral photographer

It takes someone with the eye of a photojournalist to notice, and record, the small gestures and tender moments that occur during a funeral service. Imagine the special moments such as the child kneeling in front of the casket to say his or her goodbye, or the spouse who leans in to kiss the deceased one last time. 

Furthermore, it’s a visual record of who was there and a reminder of how you chose to honor your loved one, both of which are important when it comes to the healing process.

How to Find a Pro

Like any professional service, the best place to start looking for a photographer is by referral from friends, family or acquaintances.

If you’re stuck and don’t know where to look, call local studios in your area. Some photographers who work for them may be willing to freelance for you.  Or, if they’re unable to help, they can at least point you in the right direction in terms of finding someone reputable in your price range.

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