Hindu Cremation Services

Cremation Services

When a person who practices the Hindu faith dies, it is very important to fulfill the proper rituals that have been followed for centuries. Hinduism usually requires cremation to honor the deceased, and in the United States, the services are performed in a crematorium.

Hindu Cremation Rituals
Every Hindu funeral is different. However, many families will want the cremation to take place as soon as possible. There is often about an hour or two for family and friends to pay their last respects, and then a time for the cremation service, which takes place at the Beinhauer’s on-site crematory.

Hindu Cremation

The cremation is an important ritual for Hindu families. Only a select few funeral homes with integrated crematoriums will allow family members to stand in the room where the cremation takes place. At Beinhauer’s, we welcome families into our new, state of the art crematory to assist in the ritual. The decreased will be surrounded by flowers or other keepsakes, and then family members (often the deceased’s children) will assist the funeral director in operating the machine which performs the cremation.

Following the cremation, the family is welcome to discuss options available at the funeral home for urn storage until they make final disposition arrangements.

Cremation Information for Hindu Families

We will work with your temple’s priest to ensure that your loved one’s service is in keeping with tradition and your family’s wishes.

Beinhauer Family Funeral Homes and Cremation Services have five locations around the Pittsburgh area. We can fulfill pre-need or immediate cremation requests for those who practice the Hindu faith. This includes viewing, service, and cremation. Beinhauer can also provide urns and flowers for this ritual. Call us at any of our locations and speak to one of our staff members.