Funeral Pre-Planning Is a Responsible Choice

Making a Responsible Choice

Pre-planning final arrangements allows you the opportunity to individually tailor your burial or cremation wishes with the assistance of funeral home staff for yourself or a family member. Pre-payment of your arrangements locks in costs at today’s prices.

Benefits of Pre-Planning Funeral Services
When you pre-plan, you have these advantages:

  • Supervision by a licensed funeral director. Making arrangements before they are needed is the best way to make sure that all of your requests are fulfilled, and that you reduce the number of decisions which will need to be made by loved ones as they are grieving. You can pick religious passages, decide on how your obituary shall read, and choose burial or cremation as disposition – all under the guidance of a funeral director.
  • Pre-planned services offer peace of mind. Whatever your service considerations, planning in advance reduces the work necessary for your loved ones. Your pre-planning guarantees that your wishes will be followed by the funeral home and allows relatives and friends to concentrate on remembering and celebrating your life.
  • Financial considerations are organized. Many people purchase life insurance policies that can be used for a funeral, use pre-funded plans, or receive help from a trust. Discuss the best option with your licensed funeral director. With these options arranged, your relatives will not have any financial worries.
  • Pre-planned cremation options are available too. Whatever your final decisions, burial or cremation, any choice can be facilitated by your funeral director.

While it may be difficult to think about pre-planning your own funeral, the licensed professionals at Beinhauer’s can guide you through your options and answer all of your questions. Contact us today for information on pre-planning your burial or cremation.