Funeral Etiquette

For the most part, people are uncomfortable at funerals.  It’s sad to lose a loved one or friend, and there is nothing you can say to ever make the situation better.  You just have to listen and do what feels right for yourself and those around you.  There are, however a few tips to remember when attending a funeral service.  The following should help you feel more comfortable the next time you go to the funeral home.

 1. Cell Phones – Before you enter the funeral home, switch your cell phone to silent or turn it off completely.  There is nothing more embarrassing that hearing your “Who let the dogs out” ringtone blaring over a thoughtful eulogy.  Better yet, if you can stand it, leave the device in the car.  Checking text messages and reading emails may also be considered disrespectful, depending on the family.  If you must use your phone, find a private area.  Beinhauer’s has plenty of extra space in our community room or our cafe so that you can handle your telecommunications without upsetting anyone else.

 2. Work Excuse – No one can predict when a funeral will need to take place, which inevitably means that some people will need to miss work to attend the ceremonies.  If you need written confirmation, Beinhauer’s can provide you with documentation.  Don’t ask the family for a copy of the death certificate or obituary to prove that the death occurred.  The funeral home staff can provide you with whatever you need.

 3. Children – Children are welcome at all of our funeral homes.  If you decide to include them in the funeral ceremonies, we have children’s rooms to allow for a space for them to play in between visiting with the family or the deceased.

 4. Emotional Display – Few people like to feel less than composed in public.  A funeral home is full of people with a diverse range of emotions on full display.  While the funeral is not a place to rehash private family matters or disagreements, it is a place to feel safe and express oneself.  If you feel like crying, do so.  If you want to laugh at a funny story, that’s okay too.