Four Things to Consider When Planning a Funeral Reception

What to Consider When Planning Funeral Receptions

If you are planning a funeral reception after a loved one’s funeral service, you probably want to tie everyone’s requests together and consider travel plans so that you may find a convenient location of all who plan to participate. The funeral luncheon is an important part of a life tribute, allowing family and friends the opportunity to eat, talk and reminisce. Here are some ideas that you can use when planning a funeral reception.

Funeral Reception Planning

Guests, Food, and Planning

  • Where Should It Be Held? Beinhauer Family Funeral Home has a community room which is available for use for the funeral luncheon. It’s an attractive choice and the room is offered to those families who use our facilities. It is also convenient for guests who are traveling, as they will have already been visiting at the funeral home, prior to the funeral service and will be familiar with its location. Many families find that our locations is convenient to change from their formal wear to comfortable travel clothing.
  • What Food Should You Serve? If you are hosting the reception at the Beinhauer Community room, you can ask guests to bring a dish to make it a potluck. You can also keep it simple by having a deli tray and serving sandwiches, or Beinhauer’s can assist you in selecting a caterer.
  • When Should You Have the Reception? If mourners are attending from out of town, you can coordinate a luncheon schedule with their travel plans. They may want to travel back right after the funeral service for work or school. If so, you will probably want to have the reception immediately after the service so that they can eat and enjoy fellowship with the rest of the funeral participants. If most mourners are local, or if they are traveling but staying for a while, you can set up the reception for any time that day. Perhaps you may like to have an early dinner instead of a luncheon.

A funeral reception is often the final time all funeral visitors will be together. Make sure that your guests are comfortable and have enough to eat, and they’ll appreciate your hospitality.