Eulogoy Article Featured In Community Magazine

“When Kevin Costner delivered the eulogy for Whitney Houston, it was a moment that was so touching, it went viral on internet video sites. But how many funerals have you been to where there was no eulogy? Would you know what to say if you were asked to deliver a eulogy? In 2013, many young people have never heard or read a eulogy, or think that it’s only something done for celebrities or dignitaries. But the fact is, the most celebrated and dignified should be members of your own family, and a meaningful eulogy can not only help loved ones grieve, but elevate their spirits as well.
Kelly Carter, a funeral celebrant at Beinhauer Family Funeral Homes and Cremation Services, said that delivering a memorable and appropriate eulogy is something that family members can often do better than anyone.
“Funerals, by nature, are stressful situations for family and friends. Several suggestions to eliminate stress are reminding those in attendance to turn off all electronic devices. There’s nothing more distracting at a funeral service than a cell phone going off,” Kelly said. “Secondly, anything funny, uplifting or poignant about the deceased is great to talk about. Things to avoid are the use of inappropriate language, distasteful references, or off color stories. You want to highlight the personality of the person and their life.”
Kelly said that family members can choose who they want to speak and in what order, and allow the funeral director, funeral celebrant or attending clergy member to conduct the service.
“I would encourage families to allow mature children to speak. Many times, they capture the essence of the situation with words that adults wouldn’t think to use. Families need to understand that the funeral home is a safe place to laugh, cry and share an entire range of emotion. There’s no ‘right way’ to grieve, and funeral directors know that dealing with grief in its many forms is part of the process.” Individual family customs such as a toast are also appropriate ways to honor and remember the deceased.
Sharing in a positive way, how the deceased touched people’s lives is an easy way to let loved ones know how much that person meant to others, and that they are not alone at such a transitional time in their lives.
Beinhauer’s staff of professionals recommend that people plan for funerals in advance so decisions regarding the eulogy and others can be discussed before a death occurs. “The more details your funeral director has in advance, the more meaningful the funeral experience for the family.
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