Etiquette and Safety During a Funeral Procession

Every once in a while, you may run into a funeral procession while driving on the road, or you may be a part of the procession itself. Whatever the case, the professionals at Beinhauer Funeral Home would like to take a few moments to review the proper etiquette when faced with a funeral procession.

Hearse at a FuneralAll the participants in a funeral procession should be keeping up speed with the car in front of them, and maintain that speed throughout the entire procession; this should prevent other cars from getting in the line by mistake. The vehicles should maintain a proper and safe distance apart from each other at that speed (1-2 car lengths) and keep their headlights and flashers on. Drivers must remember how important it is to remain in the procession from beginning to end. Going through red lights and intersections is ok as long as it is safe. Other drivers on the road should yield for a funeral procession, however, it is always best to check both ways before crossing an intersection.

The procession will be marked well with flags and other drivers on the road should be aware of this.  The first vehicle is usually the lead car, followed by the hearse. These cars, too, will be marked with funeral flags and hazard lights. If you are a family member and you will not be riding in a limousine, it is important to get to the service early and be placed in the front of the funeral procession line.

Other drivers on the ride should be ultra-courteous when encountering a funeral procession. No matter how long the line of vehicles is or how impatient you are that day, drivers on the road should take a moment to remember that this is a time to show respect. The people in the procession have lost someone irreplaceable and this is their last goodbye. Don’t honk your horn or try to drive through a funeral procession. Please be considerate and always think of safety. The staff and directors at Beinhauer Funeral Home thank you for your patience and safe cooperation.