Differences between full-service cremation and simple cremation

At Beinhauer Family Funeral Homes & Cremation Services we have a variety of cremation options as well as traditional funeral and burial options available to you. The wishes you have for your loved one are our top priority, and we strive to provide you with cremation services that meet your needs and your budget.

What is Direct or Simple Cremation?

Direct cremation is an option often used for families whose loved one wished only to be cremated. This simple cremation process includes cremation with all elements prepared to legal standards, supervised by our cremation specialist and licensed funeral directors.

If your loved one wants to be cremated without a service at a funeral home or place of worship, our simple cremation service will cover all details of the cremation. This option is a popular option among those who prefer to have a private memorial service.

Full-Service Cremation OptionsDifferences between full-service cremation and simple cremation

Cremation is a process that has continued to grow in popularity for several reasons.  Some choose to simplify the funeral process, with no need for a casket or a cemetery burial while others prefer to be environmentally conscious by not using a cemetery space for burial but instead choosing to have the cremated remains placed in a biodegradable urn with a seed to help grow a tree.

No matter the reason for choosing cremation, you can still include many of the traditional elements of a traditional funeral. At Beinhauer Family Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, we offer a variety of traditional options that can be customized to suit your wishes. These options include:

Funeral Service and Cremation

We offer the option for cremation after a traditional funeral where the life of the deceased is celebrated and where the casket is present at a funeral chapel or one’s place of worship.

In most cases, the difference between a funeral celebration and burial and one that is followed by the cremation process is that the body is taken to our crematory after the services, rather than the cemetery.

Memorial Service/Gathering and Cremation

A memorial service, like a funeral, is a service of remembrance. The only difference is that the body is not present. You may choose to have the cremation process take place and then have a gathering or service to follow at one’s place of worship or at the funeral home where the cremated remains can be displayed in the selected urn.

In addition to a funeral service, the full-service cremation option also includes placement of the urn in a mausoleum, columbarium or a burial plot. Others may prefer to keep the cremated remains in their possession or may select to have the cremated remains scattered, with this option it is essential to consider that it may carry legal ramifications and it is irreversible.

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