Designing Your Own Personalized Pet Monument

Make it Your Own

When your pet dies, you may want to remember him or her just as you would a person who was very dear to you. You can create a personalized pet monument that will let everyone know just how important your pet was and still is in your life.

Kinds of Pet Monuments
There are several kinds of pet monuments that you can consider:

  • Granite or Bronze monuments. These are similar to headstones that are used at people’s gravesites. They are commonly used in pet cemeteries and on home grave sites.
  • Grave Markers and Memorial Stones. These are like headstones, but are instead a simple marker to indicate where your pet is buried, or can be used as an indoor or outdoor decoration.
  • Urns. If you choose to cremate your pet, you can have the cremated body placed in an urn and buried and memorialized with one of the two aforementioned monuments, or placed in a niche in a columbarium just for pets.

Personalize Your Pet’s Monument
When you personalize your pet’s monument, you’re doing more than customizing it. You’re using it to commemorate your pet’s life, so you’ll want it to be special. You can personalize it by:

  • Having it Engraved. Headstones, markers, and urns can all be engraved with your pet’s name, dates of birth and death, and a saying or poem that reminds you of your pet. It’s the most common way of personalizing your pet, and if it’s placed in a cemetery or columbarium, everyone will be able to read it.
  • Choosing a Favorite Picture. Your dog’s or cat’s picture can be placed on nearly any surface, including a marker or urn. Once the picture is transferred onto ceramic, and then placed on the monument or urn, it can be enjoyed every day.
  • Using a Special Shape. A heart, cross, or paw print-shaped headstone or marker is very popular with pet owners. Some choose a more whimsical shape like a dog bone or a rainbow. It’s a unique way to mark your pet’s final resting place.
  • Sculpture Portrait. Having an artist sculpt a likeness of your beloved pet is truly a personalized choice! A sculptor can create your pet’s likeness from just a picture—and you can set it down at the gravesite as an everlasting reminder of your pet.

Choosing your pet’s final resting place is a personal experience. Peaceful Pastures, a pet cemetery and crematory in the Pittsburgh area, has rolling green hills and is located on many acres of undisturbed land. Please call us today to learn more about how to memorialize your pet. We treat your pet like family.