Cremations and Religious Traditions

Among the many questions that are associated with cremation, one that is frequently encountered involves religious aspects. While the rules and recommendations from each religious group vary greatly, many people are surprised to find that cremation is generally well-accepted among the most common world religions.

As far as most Christian religions are concerned, cremation is deemed an acceptable form of disposition. The main concern for most Christians is what happens before and after the cremation. Catholics prefer that the body be present during the Mass of Christian Burial or the Blessing Service that takes place before the cremation. After the cremation has taken place, Catholics teach that the cremated body should be buried in a grave or placed in a niche in a columbarium at a cemetery.

For most other Christian religions, the placement of the cremated body is left up to the family and may be scattered or kept at home, in addition to placement at a cemetery. Every church has its own traditions, so it is preferable to discuss your plans with your clergy person before making any final decisions.

For those people who practice the Jewish and Islamic faiths, cremation is generally not an accepted form of disposition.

One of the world religions that has adhered to cremation as an acceptable and preferential form of disposition are those members of the Hindu community. The traditions trace back to India, where cremation on an open funeral pyre is common. Many of the Hindu families that we serve help with the body preparation and the cremation process and then take the cremated body back to India and scatter in the Ganges River.

Whatever your faith, or lack thereof, may be, we will accommodate your requests without question. The decisions that surround the funeral process are very personal and we understand that people have strong feelings as to what they believe is right. If you feel that cremation is the best option for you and your family, you can trust Beinhauer’s as the cremation specialists for the Pittsburgh community. No other funeral home in the South Hills has the ability to serve the public as ours does, with our crematory existing on site. You loved one will never leave our care.