Cremation Only? Three Things to Consider

Consider This

Perhaps you’ve decided that cremation is the best option for you one day. You have quite a bit of company—cremation rates are increasing quickly across the United States and in Pittsburgh.

Cremation Options

Many people decide on cremation because:

  • Now Widely Accepted. With more religious backing than ever before, and with more people hearing that people are choosing cremation, it has gained acceptance in the past decade.
  • Multiple Options. Because families are scattered across the country, and at times, the world, cremation offers families flexibility in planning services and multiple burial locations for urns.

Cremation: Personalized and Flexible
Cremation is an attractive option for those who are looking for service and burial options that comply with schedules and logistics. You should know that cremation can include nearly every option that people have in a traditional burial. Here are three things to consider if you think you’d prefer cremation:

  1. Your cremation can still include a traditional ceremony, wake, or memorial service. If you would like to include family and friends at a service either before or after cremation, your funeral home can arrange it.
  2. You can still have a viewing that includes an open casket. If you would like a traditional viewing with a casket, visitors who would like to pay their last respects, and a ceremony, that is absolutely an option. Your funeral home can answer questions about an open casket followed by cremation.
  3. You cremated body can be buried near family. If your family owns a plot in a cemetery, your remains can be buried near loved ones, just as it would be for a traditional burial with a casket. You can also choose to have your cremains placed in a columbarium, which are buildings located at cemeteries where your cremains can be placed above ground.

Cremation offers flexibility and a surprising number of choices for those who would prefer this option. If you have questions about this choice or any other, please contact Beinhauer Family Funeral Homes and Cremation Services. We are happy to meet with you at one of our locations, or we can come out to your home to discuss cremation options and pre-need planning.