Cremation Interest Among Catholics Increases Every Year

The Interest in Cremation

Many people don’t realize that cremation for Catholics has been permitted since 1963, when a cremation ban was officially lifted for the Catholic faithful. While cremation is different than traditional burial, there are still many aspects of the funeral service remain the same. Such traditions bring comfort to family, friends, and other loved ones.

Modern Catholic Cremation Practices

The whole body or the cremated body can be present at a funeral mass. The urn is then required to be buried in a cemetery or placed in a columbarium, as opposed to keeping one’s cremated body at home or scattering.

Cremation Services

While the Catholic Church traditionally favors a full-body burial, many faithful have included cremation as part of their funeral pre-planning instructions. In some parts of the United States, Catholic cremations have increased.

Why Consider Cremation?

Over time, attitudes about cremation have changed. Cremation is now an accepted practice for Catholics, and it provides other benefits as well.

  • Families can choose to have a viewing service prior to the cremation taking place. The full body can also be present when the deceased receives funeral rites, including The Vigil for the Deceased, Mass of Christian Burial, final commendation and Rite of Committal. Some may choose to repeat the Rite of Committal when the cremated body is ready for burial or placement in an above ground columbarium.
  • The cremated body can be buried near loved ones. You can use a previously purchased burial space that is near family who have been buried in a traditional manner. A headstone or burial marker can still be used, and family and friends can visit all of their loved ones in the same place.

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