Choosing Music for a Loved One’s Funeral Service

Choosing the Right Music

If you are planning a funeral service for a family member or dear friend, you’ll probably be asked by the funeral director if you would like music to be played during the viewing and the funeral. Music can be used to convey a certain meaning for your loved one’s service: contemplative, rousing, or sweet. It can be a part of the final send off that your friend or relative wished to share.

Funeral Music

How to Select the Right Mix of Music for a Viewing or Funeral
Here are some helpful tips for choosing appropriate music for a funeral service.

  • Consider the Deceased’s Preferences. Did they leave their music preferences in writing, or tell a trusted friend that they wanted a particular song or music genre? Maybe they were known for loving swing, or piano concertos. If you had spent time with them, perhaps they liked to play a certain kind of music in the car.
  • Remember Their Favorite Performer. If your relative or friend was fond of a certain singer or musician, such as Elvis Presley or Frank Sinatra, then that music can be used during the viewing and/or funeral service. If you’re worried that the words of a particular song will drown out conversation, you could also use an instrumental version of a song.
  • Use Music from a Favorite Vacation. Maybe your loved one enjoyed traveling. If so, think of a special trip that they recalled fondly even years later. For instance, if they had gone to New Orleans and talked about the jazz clubs there, then some jazz music may be appropriate. If a trip to the islands was their favorite getaway spot, then steel drum recordings could be used.
  • Think of Their Outlook on Life. Was your friend gregarious and fun-loving? If so, then you can play music that reflects their passion for life. Maybe your relative was well-read and enjoyed inspirational tunes that reminded them of their favorite books. Their personality should give you good clues.
  • Use Their Favorite Church Music. Many times, funeral services include religious music. Song like “Amazing Grace,” “Hallelujah,” and “Onward Christian Soldiers” are appropriate. You may want to talk to their pastor, minister, or priest to get an idea of the songs that they enjoyed singing to during church services.

If you have any questions about the music that you can use during a viewing or funeral service, ask the funeral director. Beinhauer Family Funeral Homes in Pittsburgh has decades of experience helping friends and family arrange beautiful, meaning funerals for their loved ones. We would be happy to help you choose a song or songs.