Choosing a Display Urn for Glass-Front Niche

Making The Right Choice

When you choose cremation for yourself or a loved one, you must decide on the final resting place of the cremated body. Some decide to bury the urn, and some place the urn in a cremation niche within a columbarium. Those who choose to be cremated usually pick out an urn ahead of time, as well as a place for the urn to be displayed.

Bronze Urn

Glass-front Niches
A niche inurnment means that you place an urn in an above-ground indoor or outdoor wall, in a “niche.” Many niches have a front made of marble, bronze, granite, or glass. Depending on the cemetery, a glass-front niche can not only be clear, but also tinted, frosted, or etched with a picture or design. Here are some tips on how to determine what kind of urn you can choose for a glass-front niche. You should consider:

  • The Size of the Niche. Some niches hold more than one urn, which is important for many families. If the niche is large and will hold several urns, you may want to choose urns that complement each other.
  • Favorite Hobbies. Choose an urn that everyone will recognize as a reminder of a hobby. Fishing, hunting, music, and gardening are a few popular ones, but there are many more that show just what you enjoy doing.
  • Stones and Gems. Semi-precious stones and gems will look beautiful in a glass-front niche. Choose one in your favorite color or colors for a personalized look.
  • Glass. Glass urns are delicate and breathtaking. They can be any color—and many of them tie several colors together to form a particular pattern that can be admired from a niche.
  • Religious. You or your loved one may have a strong religious faith. You can choose from crosses, stars, praying hands, angels, and other religious symbols.
  • Custom. You can design a custom urn that can be engraved or have an image of your loved one placed on it. A favorite prayer or illustration can also be added to your customized urn.

If you are thinking of buying an urn to be placed in a glass niche, either for yourself or your loved ones, take time to find exactly the one that you would like. Beinhauer Funeral Home can help you choose a beautiful, meaningful display urn. Call us today at one of our convenient Pittsburgh locations. We can also offer placement in our glass front niches at our affiliate, Woodruff Memorial Park