Choosing a Celebrant Service for Your Funeral

Celebrant Services

A celebrant service has become more common as a growing number of people have chosen not to be affiliated with a particular church or religion. Instead of a religious service being performed after they die, they instead would like a have a “celebration of life” that draws from different sources and fulfils their particular wishes. Celebrant or memorial services can always be offered with a religious official presents; however, they don’t have to be.

Most celebrant services can be performed using a certified funeral celebrant. A celebrant works with families to choose, plan and then perform a funeral and/or burial ceremony. The celebrant will likely have years of experience with grieving families and can help make this time easier while creating a memorable service that will incorporate exactly what the deceased wanted.

Celebrant Services

Celebrant services can be planned as a memorial service or a funeral service. If cremation is chosen, the service can take place before or after. These services can also be performed before a religious service if one wishes.

What Services Are Offered by a Funeral Celebrant?

Funeral celebrants help families plan ceremonies and funerals by guiding them through the decision-making process and assisting them as they determine the type of celebrant service that they would like to have.

Celebrants will also ensure that pre-planned requests are followed. If an individual has already arranged their funeral preference, then a celebrant or funeral director will have all of the information that’s needed for the service and/or funeral.

Before the celebrant service, you can talk to your celebrant about what kind of ceremony options you would like, including prayers, music, or stories. Consider using a celebrant service for your funeral or grave site service. Beinhauer Family Funeral Homes in Pittsburgh offers the services of funeral celebrants who can help pre-plan or plan a special, memorable celebrant service for you, your loved one or a friend. Call us today to learn more.