Choosing a Celebrant Service for Your Funeral

Celebrant Services for Your Funeral

Celebrant services have become more common as a growing number of people choose to have a funeral or memorial service performed in tribute to their loved one. Often, families choose this as an addition or enhancement to a religious ceremony. These families believe that a “celebration of life” which draws from different sources and inspiration, fulfils their particular wishes. Celebrant services can always be offered with a religious official present or as a standalone service.

Celebrant services are performed using a certified funeral celebrant. A celebrant works with families to select and write a specialized funeral and/or burial ceremony. Celebrants offer council to grieving families and help make funeral planning unique to your loved one. They work with your family to create a memorable service that will incorporate exactly what the deceased wanted.

What Services Are Offered by a Funeral Celebrant?

Funeral celebrants help families plan ceremonies and funerals by guiding them through the decision-making process and assisting them as they determine the type of service which they would like to have. Whether your family would like a secular or religious service infused with music, sports, poetry, military or any number of tributes, a certified funeral celebrant can craft a meaningful, individual life celebration.

Before the celebrant service, you will speak with your celebrant about what kind of ceremony selections you want, including prayers, music, or stories. Beinhauer Family Funeral Homes in Pittsburgh offers the services of on-staff funeral celebrants who can help pre-plan or plan a special, memorable celebrant service for you, your loved one or a friend. Call us today to learn more.