Caregiver Excellence Annual Awards Banquet

This past year, the Beinhauer Family began a Caregiver Excellence Award Program for hospice caregivers who provide dedicated, unselfish care to hospice patients.
Each month, a candidate is selected from the nominations received either from their peers or through families they have served.
All monthly award winners were invited to join together for a festive Annual Awards Banquet, during which the Grand Prize Winner would be selected.
The Awards Banquet took place on Wednesday, November 8, at the Capstone Grill in McMurray, PA. The Beinhauer Executive Team and several funeral directors joined the winners and their guests for a time of celebration and encouragement.
In a special twist of fate, the Grand Prize winner whose name was drawn turned out to be one of only two monthly winners who were unable to attend the November 8 event….. And the reason he was away was that he was on his honeymoon! How fitting that a “Downtown Date Night” (the Grand Prize) will await him and his bride upon their return to Pittsburgh!
The Beinhauer Caregiver Excellence Award for hospice caregivers continues to be awarded every month, with another Annual Awards Banquet planned for next November.