Adopting a Pet Following the Loss of Your Beloved Pet

Thinking of Adopting a Pet?

When your pet dies, you will likely be filled with grief. After all, a pet is a member of your family, and may have been your faithful companion for many years. In fact, many people grow up with their family pet, and they’ve never known a day without their beloved cat, dog, or other special animal. Therefore, when your pet dies, you won’t want to bring another pet into your home until you truly feel ready. One day, you may want to adopt another pet.

Adopt a Pet or Buy a Pet?
Maybe you’ve always purchased a pet from a breeder or a pet shop, and you’re curious about the difference. When you adopt a pet, you are:

  • Taking a homeless pet, a shelter pet, or an abandoned pet, and bringing it into your home. You assume the responsibility and cost of all of your pet’s care. That includes continuing any care or treatment that your pet had previously—and possibly not knowing what this pet has previously been through from a medical, behavioral, and social standpoint.
  • Introducing this pet into your family. Before you adopt a pet, you should try to find out if it is very active, if it requires a lot of your attention, if it enjoys being around other pets, and if it enjoys being around children (if you already have kids or plan to have kids in the future). You want to be sure your family and your pet are a great fit and that you’ll all benefit from being together for years.
  • Welcoming a new pet into your home. Adopting a new pet following the loss of your pet can help you move past your grief, but you shouldn’t adopt so that you’ll forget about your previous one. Your new pet will expect to be loved for him or herself—and you’ll enjoy taking care of a pet again who loves you just as much.

How to Adopt a Pet
Adopting a pet can be very fulfilling! If you’ve never adopted before, here are some resources that you can use:

  • Your local Humane Society
  • Your local no-kill shelter
  • Online pet adoption forums
  • Animal Rescue Shelter
  • Animal hospitals

If you’re looking for a particular kind of breed, gender, color, size, or age, be sure to look online at one of the many pet adoption websites that are available.

If you are newly grieving the loss of your pet, Peaceful Pastures Pet Cemetery, Crematory, and Funeral Home in Pittsburgh offers many helpful resources and options for your pet’s burial or cremation. Call them today to make an appointment.