Adding a Celebrant Service to a Traditional Religious Ceremony

Celebrant Services

Celebrant services have been gaining in popularity in the past few decades. As more and more people acknowledge as being spiritual but having no religious affiliation, these services have been filling a void for many who are looking for a particular kind of service that matches their beliefs. Celebrant services are sometimes called a “celebration of life” and often have no religious service that precedes or follows.

Blending Religious Services with Celebrant Services

However, many people don’t realize that traditional religious funeral ceremonies can also be performed with an accompanying celebrant service. Many celebrant services use the deceased’s personality to create a memorable day of music, readings, stories, pictures, and poems. Many people find this approach to be a celebration of a person’s life, instead of mourning for their death.

A celebrant service that is offered with a religious ceremony is often pre-planned. This helps the deceased to create exactly the service that they want for themselves that uses both personal and religious aspects.

  • Some people choose to have a celebrant service during funeral visitation, and then have a religious ceremony on the day of the burial.
  • Families can choose to have a celebrant service that is performed the day before a religious service.
  • Other people may want to have a religious ceremony and burial, followed by a celebration of life event that’s offered at a time when family and friends can gather in the future.

You may want to separate these services so that they don’t occur on the same day, or you can combine them.

Beinhauer Family Funeral Homes offers funeral celebrants who can help you plan a celebrant service that also includes a religious ceremony. If you would like to plan or pre-plan a celebrant and religious service, please call or contact us. We can help guide you through the process with clergy and our celebrants to create the type of service that you want or that you want to provide for a family member or friend.