Selecting Music for a Funeral

Music is a way to connect people, spark a memory, and set a mood. It’s not just for festivals or parties but can be used to set the right tone and environment at a funeral. At Beinhauer Family Funeral Homes, we know that the right music can help those who are grieving by offering comfort. Keep in mind that some songs are not appropriate for a solemn occasion, so it is important to choose songs carefully. Here are a few things to consider while selecting music for a funeral: Continue reading

Pet Estate Planning

Over 70% of households in the U.S. include a pet, therefore, it is essential to consider your pet during your funeral planning. Our pets, whether they are birds, dogs, kittens, turtles, or other animals, are considered a part of the family, so it is critical to plan for their future the same way you would arrange care for a child. Continue reading