Keepsake Urns and Jewelry

Keepsake urns and cremation jewelry are a special way to carry a part of your loved one with you wherever you go. Many of us have an emotional attachment to our families, friends, and pets, which does not leave us after they die. With a wide range of keepsake urns and jewelry options, you can continue to uniquely express your love and devotion. Continue reading

What is a Cremation Container?

Between cremation containers, cremation urns, and caskets, there are several types of receptacles that may be used during the cremation process. With so many options, many times, the differences between them can be confusing.  At Beinhauer Funeral home, we understand how personal and important this choice is, so we have put together a guide to help you through the decision-making process. Continue reading

Stockings for Soldiers 2018

The 2018 Beinhauer Family Funeral Homes 4th Annual Stockings for Soldiers Program will begin on October 15th and conclude on November 30th.  Any stockings donated after November 30th will be given to local veterans charities.  For more information, please see the flier or call Amanda at 724-969-0200.