How to Write a Thank You Note After a Funeral to Fully Convey Your Gratitude

Whenever someone from your immediate family dies, you may be surprised by how much emotional support you receive. Even those you haven’t seen or spoken to in a while are likely to send their condolences and offer to help during this difficult time.

Although technology makes it easier than ever to send a quick “thank you” – whether it’s via text, email or instant messaging – to those who donated flowers, food or money in honor of your loved one’s funeral, the importance of a handwritten thank you note shouldn’t be overlooked. Continue reading

How to Repurpose Excess Funeral Flowers

After a loved one dies, it’s common to receive floral arrangements from other family members and close friends as a way to express their sympathy toward your loss.

Funeral flowers are thought of as a meaningful gift that can help the grieving individual begin to move on emotionally.  

Following the service, you may realize that you have more flower arrangements and plants than you know what to do with.  Instead of simply discarding the flowers in the trash, repurpose them to further honor the memory of the deceased. Continue reading

December Caregiver Excellence Award

The BEINHAUER CAREGIVER EXCELLENCE AWARD for December was presented to Paul Holland, home health aide at Compassionate Care Hospice, on January 19.
Paul was surprised with his award at a staff meeting, much to the delight of everyone there. He has been with Compassionate Care for a number of years, and is said to embody the name of the organization in his very person. He treats patients as if they were his own family, with a kindness in his eyes that makes everyone who comes into contact with him love him, and look forward to his visits.
Paul was presented his award by Katie Brandt, Beinhauer’s Community Outreach Director.  —  Congratulations, Paul!
The Beinhauer Caregiver Excellence Award consists of a $50 gift card and a certificate, along with an entry into the drawing for the Caregiver Excellence Award of the Year.
Make your nominations for February now! 
Nominations can easily be made in one of three ways –
By mailing in a hard copy of the nomination form found at your hospice to Katie Brandt, Beinhauers FFS, 2820 Washington Road, McMurray PA 15317
By filling in a nomination form ONLINE on our website (click here-
By providing the info requested on the nomination form in an email sent to