Congratulations to the November Caregiver Excellence Award Winner!

THE BEINHAUER CAREGIVER EXCELLENCE AWARD for November 2017 was presented to Kim DiPiazza of ViaQuestHospice.
Kim is the volunteer coordinator for ViaQuest. One of her volunteers, in nominating her, praised Kim for doing a great job keeping him up-to-date on the needs of the ViaQuest patients he goes to see.
Kim not only trains and equips volunteers for visiting patients, however – she often makes visits herself, as well!  Along with Ellie, Kim’s chocolate lab, she has made over 250 therapy visits to date. Ellie usually wears costumes and makes people laugh. Maybe even Kim makes them laugh! They both definitely make them smile!
Kim was presented her award by Katie Brandt, Beinhauer’s Community Outreach Director.  —  Congratulations, Kim!!
The Beinhauer Caregiver Excellence Award consists of a $50 gift card and a certificate, along with an entry into the drawing for the Caregiver Excellence Award of the Year.
The winner for the month of December will be announced soon….
Make your nominations for January now! 
Nominations can easily be made in one of three ways –
By mailing in a hard copy of the nomination form found at your hospice to Katie Brandt, Beinhauers FFS, 2820 Washington Road, McMurray PA 15317
By filling in a nomination form ONLINE on our website (click here-
By providing the info requested on the nomination form in an email sent to

How to seek funeral reimbursement if death was direct result of natural disaster

There’s never a good time to experience the death of a loved one. From funeral planning and execution to arranging a burial place, a lot goes into ensuring that your friend or family member’s life is celebrated appropriately.

But what happens when the death is the unfortunate result of a natural disaster – such as a flood, hurricane, tornado or wildfire – and you’re unable to pay for the funeral because of a loss of assets caused by Mother Nature?

Although a scenario like this is more likely to affect those who live in certain parts of the country, it’s important to realize that some funeral-related costs may be covered through FEMA’s (Federal Emergency Management Agency) Funeral Assistance program, which reimburses funeral costs if the death is attributed to a major disaster. Continue reading