Decorating your Glass-Front Niche

Decorating Your Niche

Indoor glass-front niches give you the opportunity to decorate so that everyone can see your devotion to your loved one. These niches are above-ground indoor walls and have an enclosed front that is made of glass. If you choose cremation for either yourself or a loved one, you can have your cremated body placed in an urn and then displayed with decorative elements.

Displaying Elements within a Glass-Front Niche

Here are some common ideas that are used by family and friends of the deceased.

  • Pictures. Pictures are very common decorative items for glass-front niches. Pictures used include those of wedding days, parents, children, grandchildren, other family and friends, and pets. While most of the pictures are color photos, black and white photos are used too, depending of the age of the deceased.
  • Religious articles: Rosaries, crosses, and blessed items may be placed in the niche to honor the deceased’s beliefs.
  • Jewelry. Pins, necklaces, watches, bracelets, rings and hair clasps are often placed in a glass-front niche.
  • Mementos of special places. If your loved one took a trip or vacation that was special for them, you may want to place a small statue or item that reminds you of the trip. For example, a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Paris could be remembered by a small Eiffel Tower representation or a even a stuffed animal.
  • Urn. Of course, the urn is the most important item placed in a glass-front niche. Urns can be designed using different materials, such as marble, glass, granite, ceramic, and metal. They can be decorative, with carvings, hobbies, gems, or religious items added. Many people who place the cremains of loved ones in glass-front niches have custom urns that are designed to be meaningful.

A memorial plate will likely be placed in the niche so that the name of the deceased is known. You should first know the rules that are attached to columbaria in a cemetery or memorial space. Some do not allow articles of any kind and have strict rules about urn designs. Others will offer a list of suggestions that you may use to place items in the niche of your loved one.

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