Remember Your Loved One with a Thumbies Keepsake

Thumbie Keepsakes

A Thumbies keepsake is a beautiful way to use and wear jewelry as a reminder of a loved one who has passed on. It’s also a perfect memento that will keep memories of a friend, parent, spouse or another special person near you.

Jewelry That You Keep Close to You, Always

Thumbies fingerprint charms can be designed in one of the several ways:

Thumbie Keepsakes

  • Materials. Thumbies can be ordered in sterling silver, 14k white gold, noble bronze (which is hypoallergenic), and 14k yellow gold.
  • Shapes. Many of these charms are shaped like an oval to hold a fingerprint. You can also order a heart, double heart (for more than one print), rectangle or double rectangle.
  • Face Designs. Thumbies come in different face designs so that you can customize your jewelry. You have the option of using a full fingerprint that goes from edge to edge, or one with a polished frame around the edges.
  • Attachments. You can customize the way your wear your Thumbie by adding a small stone or two to signify your loved one’s birthstone.
  • Engraving. Charms can be engraved, with several lines of text (usually a name and date of birth and death) written in block or script fonts.
  • Special Options. If you’d prefer a ring that will always be on your finger, Thumbies have bands and signet rings available in different precious metals. There are also several other options, including larger, multi-print charms, earrings, key rings, and charm bracelets.

When a loved one passes away, Beinhauer Family Funeral Homes of Pittsburgh can order a variety of memorial products for you, including Thumbies products. Our services include taking prints from your loved one and placing your order. This jewelry is a heartfelt way to stay connected to your loved one for the rest of your life.

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