Who Should You Ask to Perform a Eulogy?

Who Should Perform the Eulogy

When a loved one dies, many families ask for either relatives or close friends to perform a eulogy. A eulogy is a speech written in tribute of the deceased. It’s considered to be one of the most important parts of a funeral service because it reminds the guests who the deceased was—what they enjoyed, what they were known for, and what type of person they were. It’s a chance to remember why this person was special to so many people and to reminisce about great memories.

A Eulogy Is a Special Remembrance

Many people are not sure who they should consider to deliver a eulogy at a loved one’s funeral. Here are some tips that should help if you need to find someone who can give a meaningful public remembrance.

Who Will Perform Eulogy

  • A Close Family Member. Many eulogies are given by family members. They are usually heartfelt, and may be filled with some tears, especially if they were very close to the deceased. If a grandparent has passed away, the eulogy is often given by one or more of the grandchildren. The special bond that forms between a grandchild and grandparent makes this a wonderful choice.
  • A Good Friend. If you would like to ask a friend to perform the eulogy, be sure that it’s someone who has known the deceased for a long time. Often, this honor is given to a life-long friend—someone they grew up with—who knows the deceased just like the family does. Friends can impart funny or touching stories while explaining why this person was so special, and give the funeral attendees a glimpse into another area of the deceased’s life.
  • A Colleague. Sometimes, a work colleague is the best choice. If the deceased was known for his job or the position that he held, you could ask someone who has worked with him or her to deliver the eulogy. This is often done for firefighters and police officers—jobs that create a camaraderie and a closeness, forming a strong bond.
  • A Mentoree. If the deceased was a teacher or a mentor in any way, you could choose a student or employee who appreciated the mentoring and help they received from the deceased.

Be sure that the person or people you choose are comfortable speaking in front of a crowd, that they have time to write out a eulogy, and that they can spend some time gathering their thoughts so they know what they want to say. Offer to have them speak with the deceased’s loved ones to hear about stories that can make a eulogy more personal. If you have any questions about what to include in a eulogy, Beinhauer Family Funeral Homes can help.

Traveling with the Cremated Body of a Human or Pet

Traveling with Cremated Remains

You may find that you will need to travel with cremains to deliver them to another location to be buried or placed in a columbarium. Families often ask us how that can accomplished. The following three methods are most frequently used to transport the cremated body of a loved one or pet.

By Car

When you travel with a cremated body, you should buy an urn that is unbreakable. Glass, ceramic, or another delicate material are not best suited for transportation. You should pack the urn in a box that is protected with padding, and then box it again in another container. Should the packaging be jostled, you’ll know that it is safe if wrapped properly.

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