Choosing Music for a Loved One’s Funeral Service

Choosing the Right Music

If you are planning a funeral service for a family member or dear friend, you’ll probably be asked by the funeral director if you would like music to be played during the viewing and the funeral. Music can be used to convey a certain meaning for your loved one’s service: contemplative, rousing, or sweet. It can be a part of the final send off that your friend or relative wished to share.

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Cremation Only? Three Things to Consider

Consider This

Perhaps you’ve decided that cremation is the best option for you one day. You have quite a bit of company—cremation rates are increasing quickly across the United States and in Pittsburgh.

Cremation Options

Many people decide on cremation because:

  • Now Widely Accepted. With more religious backing than ever before, and with more people hearing that people are choosing cremation, it has gained acceptance in the past decade.
  • Multiple Options. Because families are scattered across the country, and at times, the world, cremation offers families flexibility in planning services and multiple burial locations for urns.

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