Common Myths About Cremation

No one likes to think about death. However, it is a natural part of life, and if someone you love has recently passed away, you will have to think about what has to happen next. Many people choose cremation over burial for a variety of reasons, including not having the body buried and because it tends to be cheaper. Cremation services are largely misunderstood in spite of it being a popular choice after death. Here are a few of the most common misconceptions about cremation. Although cremation is cheaper than a burial, it is probably not as cheap as you might think. There are definitive ways to cut costs when you choose cremation services, but there is still a sizable price tag associated with the practice. You could pay as much as around $1,000 at the very least, although the cost varies depending on the state in which you live. The price might even seem a tad steep without certain funerary services. Continue reading

Estate Planning and Cremation

Estate Planning and Cremation

Pre-planning for your funeral and cremation service is a helpful tool that can allow you and your family peace of mind knowing that your wishes will be fulfilled at the time of death. It is an important part of your estate planning process. Often, when your family members are grieving, they find comfort in using your guidelines in commemorating your life and legacy.

Create a Will 
A person’s estate is the sum of their assets. A will is a legal document that will direct your personal preferences and the distribution of your estate after your death. Most every individual can benefit their family by having a will in place that gives positive direction to those left behind.

Create a Trust
Another option to consider is a trust. For some people, this will make the distribution of assists simpler and more timely than going through probate. A trusted attorney should be consulted to help you establish a trust that fulfills your expectations. Funeral and/ or cremation arrangements may be funded in advance, while planning for all aspects of your estate. Continue reading